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Post on 11-7-2009 10:25 PM |All posts

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Saya ada menjual pakaian dalam wanita jenama ENEX
Fabrik dia ada far infra red (FIR) dan tetulang besi lembut biomagnetic

Ciptaan paling terkini, paling murah dan mudah disarung mudah dibuka

Akan update lagi ya......sabar
TQ @putrajaya only

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Post on 11-7-2009 10:30 PM |All posts
Test letak gambo.....

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Post on 11-7-2009 10:31 PM |All posts
Biomagnetic therapy (also known as magnetic therapy, magnotherapy and magno therapy) is a non-traditional or alternative method of pain relief, as well as a holistic tool for increased health and vitality. The use of magnets for their healing properties has been documented by a wide variety of cultures for thousands of years.

Biomagnetic therapy is the newest and at the same time, one of the oldest natural forms of therapy known, first recorded around 200 B.C. The Greek physician Galen found pain from many different types of illnesses could be relieved by applying natural magnets.

However in recent years biomagnetic therapy has begun to gain some acceptance and credibility among a growing number of doctors as a greater number of successes are reported for patients treated with therapy magnets.

There are several theories about how biomagnetic therapy works. The primary basis of these theories relates to the fact that the earths magnetic field has a significant impact on all living things and that life itself is dependent upon magnetic energy.

A few recent studies have shown that seven out of ten people who tried magnetic therapy for pain relief achieved significant improvement within five days and no harmful side effects.

It is a natural way of stimulating your body to combat pain:
• Relieve pain naturally and quickly.
• Reduce Inflammation.
• Restore energy levels.
• Increase blood circulation.
• Support the healing process.
• Improve quality of life.

No Medication:
Therapy involving applying Magnets helps building new cells to rejuvenate the tissues of the body.

Drug Free:
All of the natural human systems in our bodies are electro-magnetic in nature and respond to the earth's natural magnetism. @putrajaya only

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Post on 11-7-2009 10:34 PM |All posts
Biomagnetic therapy:

• Biomagnetic therapy is the application of magnets to the body to stimulate the nerves and creates a better blood flow to various parts of the body. In turn, this helps the organs and glands to function better.
• Biomagnetic therapy helps the body's immune system to become stronger.
• Recent studies have demonstrated quite clearly that when placed directly on the skin, a simple, handheld magnet increases blood flow.  
• It does so by stimulating cellular activity through a process similar to the so-called "Hall effect."  

Important - Not to be used by:
• Pregnant women
• People implanted with a pacemaker or a defibrillator or any other electrical implants or devices.
• People suffering from skin allergy.
• Women in lactation within half a year of giving birth.
• People that have suffered from a serious heart attack.
• People allergic to magnetism.

How to choose a Enex Bio-Magnetic FIR Lingerie?
Choosing the right Shaper begins with the right size and the control level you prefer.

Try this checklist to be sure a shaper style really fits:

1. Does the waist stay in place when you sit down?  
2. Does the crotch fit naturally against the body?
3. Do the legs cut or bind at the thigh?
4. Does the torso fit smoothly? Bulges or wrinkles may indicate a need for a shorter length or smaller size.  

The best way to put on Enex Bio-Magnetic FIR Lingerie:

1 Gather up the garment from the legs to the waist so the Shaper is only a few inches tall.
2 Step into the legs and pull up.  
3. When the bottom is seated correctly at the top of the legs, gradually unroll the Shaper over the torso.
4. This method ensures the proper placement of seams and coverage.

This item is not a medical device and should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment

Immi akan try letak gambar kemudian ya
Harga = RM899 - 1 set ada 2 piece ( girdle dan corset kaler peach )

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Post on 18-7-2009 08:20 PM |All posts
tak nampak gambar ler

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Post on 20-7-2009 02:47 PM |All posts
tak nampak gambar...

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Post on 8-2-2010 05:50 PM |All posts
aah.takde gambo pon..

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